Conformed in His Image

For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son.
- Romans 8:29

The story is told of a father who gave an heirloom watch to his son before he died. He told his son to take it to a jewelry store, a pawn shop, and a museum to find out what it was worth. The jeweler offered $150. The pawnbroker offered $10. The curator at the museum offered $500,000. The jeweler and pawnbroker only saw the flaws in the watch due to age and wear. The curator, however, saw its uniqueness and beauty as a missing piece from a rare collection.

As we start a new school year, we know that the Lord sees value in each one of our students. The world doesn’t understand that every person born is made in the image of God, nor do they see the importance of living a godly life. Remember that He has created you to fulfill a special purpose.

The father told his son, “I wanted to let you know that the right place values you in the right way.” We are grateful that you have chosen Westwood Christian as the right place for your child to be given a godly Christian education. Our faculty, staff, coaches, and administration have worked tirelessly to make sure that this year will be one of the best experiences in the lives of our students.

Our prayer is that through the power of the Holy Spirit you will experience the joy of having a personal relationship with Jesus and become that Image bearer. Our Creator desires that each of us value the right things and live for His glory by reflecting the character of God.

We are praying for God’s greatest blessings for each of our families this school year.