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Teams: Middle School Boys, Varsity Boys
Our baseball program is unique because we believe that every member has a God-given talent that they bring to the team. They are focused on working together and becoming the best team they can be. Their persistence, dedication, and commitment will be seen on the baseball field this year. Our warriors press forward and will not back off until they have a winning season!
Teams: Middle School Boys, Junior Varsity Boys, Varsity Boys
Our 2021-2022 basketball team is full of kids who love playing with one another. This year our goal for this group is to bring a new era of Warriors basketball to campus and build a culture of student athletes who work hard and compete every day while putting Christ first! This team will leave a mark in Miami to let everyone know Westwood Basketball is a force to reckoned with.
FootballFlag Football
Teams: Varsity Boys
Flag Football is a brand new program. We are really enjoying being part of the league and playing football together. Our goal is to improve from game to game and have an enjoyable and safe season.
Teams: Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys
Westwood soccer is reaching for new heights. We have a wide range of skill sets and past experience represented, from players who have played for 6-7 years to players in their first year. The program is growing in size and talent and we expect to win many more games this coming season. Thanks to the passion and perseverance of our players, the leadership of our upperclassmen, and the support of our fans, Westwood soccer had its most successful season to date last year. Our goal is to compete and be victorious in the district championships this year while having fun and displaying a godly testimony.
Teams: Varsity Girls
Season: Spring

In the past years, we have made it to regionals and that is our goal for this season. The ladies can do it with hard work and determination. We hope this season will be a fun time where the ladies can learn more about the sport, but also come together and grow as a team.
Teams: Middle School Girls, Junior Varsity Girls, Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys
Fall (Girls), Spring (Boys)
Our JV girls have already gotten off to a great start this year. So far, we have won 8 straight sets with a record of 4-0. Our goal is to go through the entire season undefeated, while getting individually better as players. Our team spirit is one of unity, with our main goal being to glorify God with our actions, attitudes, and words - on and off of the court.

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