Elementary Curriculum

Five-year-old through second grade use Abeka materials, a Christian curriculum which has a strong emphasis on phonics as well as math facts and skills. In the intermediate and upper grades (2-5), a blend of Abeka and Bob Jones curriculums are used which incorporate higher-order thinking with a Biblical worldview.

Bible  Memory verses, songs, stories

Arithmetic  Fundamentals of math: adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, fractions

Language Arts  Phonics, reading skills, grammar, spelling, creative writing

Science  Life science, physical science, earth science - all taught from a Biblical perspective

History and Geography  Our American Heritage, student map study skills, geography, American history, world cultures, world history

Spanish  Passport to Español, introduction to Spanish, children learn to read, write, and speak Spanish

Writing  Cursive is taught as the primary style of writing starting in kindergarten

Computers  Basic typing skills and computer applications.

Physical Education  Team and individual sports, exercises

Art  Age-appropriate projects introduce art ideas and skills, students learn the basics of art while developing their art skills. Students may participate in FACCS art competition

Choir  Introduction to music theory, reading music, and sign harmony

Band  5th graders learn one of several instruments: brass, woodwind, or percussion

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