Fine Arts

Westwood Christian School provides students with the opportunity to expand and grow in the fine arts. Whether developing basic skills, performing for friends and family, sharing in chapel worship, or competing at FACCS competitions, students learn that their interests and talents should be used, trained, and developed to glorify God.


Westwood Christian School offers band for students from fifth through twelfth grades. The bands, under the direction of Mr. Eric Tindle, perform at the school Christmas and Spring Concerts. In addition, the various groups have opportunities to perform at FACCS competitions, FBA evaluations, and even at Disney World.



Westwood Christian School's Choir program is directed by Mrs. Yohana Lazarte-Cortes. Students from first through twelfth grades learn vocal techniques as they learn and perfect their music skills. Throughout the year, they will perform at the Westwood Christian School Christmas and Spring Concerts and the FACCS Fine Arts competitions. Our students also participate in prestigious competitions such as the Florida All-State Elementary Choir, Vocal Expo Competition at the Miami Youth Fair and the National Vocal Competition organized by the New York Opera Theater. Most recently, Nathan Bernaldo and Desiree Clark performed at New York City's National Opera Center in 2019.



The speech and drama department, under the direction of Ms. Katie Lynch, is available to students in middle and high school. Students in drama perform a play each year and compete at the FACCS Fine Arts competitions each spring.



Westwood Christian School offers opportunities produce artistic projects. Students, through the guidance of Mrs. Patrician Linares  and Ms. Katie Lynch, are encouraged to be creative as they design paintings, sculptures, and more. These projects are presented at the FACCS Fine Arts competitions and at the Spring Art Show.

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